The holiday festive season is soon approaching, I’m sure you’ve got your eye on the dates. This year has been a hard year for some and the once so joyous holidays may seem a bit bleak and anxiety inducing. The following contains various websites and phone numbers split into different categories.

So what can you do if you find you are struggling over the next few weeks and as we head into the new year?

The main thing you can do is to reach out. There is no shame in not being ok, and pretending all the time can be exhausting. I understand how you may not want your family and friends to see or that they maybe part of the stress. However there are other people you can contact who can support  you.

Below are contact numbers spit into different categories to help you find the best suited ones.

Financial worries

Emotional support
Young people
Feeling isolated/alone
For Carers

Should you require additional guidance or wish to delve deeper into discussions, please feel free to reach out to me

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