Below are the most common questions I get asked. If your question isn’t here please contact me

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What if I cannot attend a session? (Cancellation policy)

If you are unable to attend a session, please contact me at least 48 hours in advance to let me know. If at least 48 hours notice is given, the session can be rearranged or moved to the following

If your session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice you will be charged half the usual session fee.
If you cancel on the day of the session the full fee will be payable. I completely understand that these things happen but this is necessary to keep my practice running.

How much do you charge?

My standard fee for all face-to-face and online sessions is £50.

Are sessions confidential?

Confidentiality is a big part of counselling, it is both an ethical requirement from the BACP but also a legal requirement in accordance with GDPR regulations.

I would try to discuss with you first if I needed to break confidentiality, however there are some circumstances where I am legally obliged to break confidentiality and report to the proper authorities. This includes disclosed involvement in or knowledge of an act of terrorism, money laundering and drugs trafficking.

I also have a policy to report instances of significant harm to self or to others, especially abuse to a minor or vulnerable adult (safeguarding).

Do you take emergency contact numbers?

Yes, as part of my policy I take next of kin details and contact details of your doctor.

The request for emergency contact details, including your doctor’s information, is solely for critical situations (e.g., sudden illness during a session). This ensures swift and appropriate action, such as contacting them on your behalf. Any such collaboration or contact with your doctor would only occur after thorough discussion and mutual agreement. Your privacy and consent are paramount.

Do you work with couples?

I currently only work with individuals.

Do you work with children/teenagers?

My current policy is that I only work with people who are 18 or over.